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Meatloaf Recipe

I need a fantastic meatloaf recipe.

I'm making it for a guy that was vegetarian for awhile, but went back to eating meat. He just recently cut red meat out of his diet, but he's been craving meatloaf, so he asked me to make him a vegan one. And if it goes well, this could really end up helping a large portion of my office to end up going more meat-less.

My problem is this: I have made two loaves since I went vegan. One was fantastic, one was awful, and of course I don't have the recipes for either. I can't do a lentil loaf, because lentils and I just don't get along when I'm trying to cook them. And I have seen a few recipes with tofu in them, and I would rather not do that.

So basically just something simple, with non-scary ingredients. I would also rather not use TVP because it's too mushy for me usually. I would prefer something with some chew to it.

Thank You!!!!!
Tags: main dishes-meat loaves
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