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Help to make Chocolate Cayenne Cupcakes?

I got an urge to make chocolate-cayenne cupcakes. I found this recipe for Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes, but I don't have all the ingredients, and my cayenne peppers are mostly fresh (currently hanging up to dry).

I then found this recipe for German Chocolate Cake that another poster said they use for cupcakes, and I have the ingredients, and it sounds fabulous, BUT...

Will fresh cayenne peppers alter the chemistry enough that I should adjust the recipe at all? I only have a few peppers and would like to get it right the first time, so if you're a super cupcake chemist type person, I could use some advice. :] Thanks!

ETA: I went for it and made a cake, no alterations except adding 2 finely chopped cayenne peppers. The baking ended up taking 55 minutes, instead of just 1/2 hour. It's much more brownie like, than cake-like, too. Ah well, it's still tasty :]
Tags: -adapting recipes, desserts-cupcakes

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