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My go-to beans-and-veggies recipe

I make this all the time, but especially in the summer when lots of suitable veggies are in season. It's inspired by Mexican flavors but I'm sure it's not authentic to any particular cuisine. The recipe is very flexible, so modify to your tastes and availability of ingredients. I make this so much precisely because I generally have nearly all of the ingredients on hand and can pull it into a nutritious dinner without much thought. It freezes well, too.

Beans and Veggies

In a large (at least 12") saute pan, toast a teaspoon or two of cumin just until fragrant (bonus points for starting with whole seed and grinding it fresh after toasting). Remove from pan and grind if needed. Heat some olive oil over medium-low heat. Add chopped onion and garlic and diced, seeded jalapeno or other pepper. While sauteing, add the cumin back along with a bit of oregano (easy does it with that). When the onion is softened, add a chopped zucchini or yellow squash and/or a chopped, seeded bell pepper or two and/or chopped, peeled and cooked sweet potato or firm winter squash. Saute until veggies are slightly softened but still hold their shape. Add 2-4 cups cooked beans (black, pinto or small red, preferably), drained if they're not already, canned or fresh tomatoes (I like the fire-roasted kind from Muir Glen. Add one small can if you just want some tomato accents. Add more if you want more of a stew.), and a cup or two of fresh, canned, or frozen corn kernels or whole hominy. Stir well, salt and adjust other seasonings to taste (I recommend adding at this stage cilantro, either fresh or in those handy frozen cubes, unless of course you hate cilantro), and cook 5-15 minutes, depending on your stove/pan/hunger/fondness for soft vegetables. I'll often turn down the heat and put a lid on it to simmer for a little while, unless I want to cook down the liquid.

Serve as is in a bowl or over cornbread, rice, polenta, couscous, tortilla chips, or other favorite starchy base. Top with salsa, avocado, fresh cilantro, your favorite vegan cheese, hot sauce, garlic sauce, vegan sour cream, and/or toasted pepitas.

(Recipe for peach salsa is here.)
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