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Breakfast foods for camping/festivals

I'm going to a festival this weekend with my boyfriend and we're camping. We are going to do a bit of cooking on a Trangia while we're there to minimise costs, and because it's fun. I've looked through the camping foods tags and have gotten some good ideas and I reckon I'm pretty sorted for lunch/dinner/snacks - I'll cook some times and we'll likely buy some stuff on site too. For breakfast though we will definitely eat before going to the site. I am going to take coffee and tea and have found little UHT cartons of soy milk. I want to make some kind of breakfast food beforehand that I can take for us. I don't want to take cereal (that's what I usually eat at home) or whatever because we'll have no bowls and not enough milk, and I don't want to take stuff to cook tofu scramble etc. over the Trangia because it's going to be too much packing (I already have all my stuff plus other meal foods, and the soy milk is heavy!). I was thinking some kind of breakfast/granola bar. There are muffins/scones etc. of course, but I find they tend to go dry/stale/soft within a couple of days - we will be there for four or five days and will have no fridge.

So my question is, what is your favourite non-refrigerator-needing filling/nutritious bar/flapjack recipe? Or, alternatively, do you have a good muffin/other recipe that will stay decent for 5 days without a fridge?

Thanks! (I love this community)
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