Diamond in the (very) Rough (deftonedpiano) wrote in vegancooking,
Diamond in the (very) Rough

Fiber Overdose

I am currently working on a two-month plan of cleaning out my system entirely, and over the past six months I stopped drinking soda, worked on reducing junk foods, and switched to mostly whole grains.

I'm keeping track of my progress on SparkPeople, because I want to lose weight, and I meet all of my goals, except every day I go over my suggested fiber amounts by sometimes 20 grams. I wouldn't have thought this was a problem, but they cautioned against it because it can interfere with nutrition absorption.

So, my diet is a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains with a smattering of protein (meat analogues and soy), and the day is topped off with an apple and two tablespoons of peanut butter (I *live* for this right now). I am wondering if you all have thoughts on the fiber situation, or maybe suggestions on getting complete vegan nutrition towards weight loss that isn't an OD on fiber. I could switch back to white rice from brown, but I know the brown rice is better for me.

Anyway, what can I eat that gets me to a good calorie range without too much fiber that isn't, say, white bread?

Thanks for any thoughts!
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