Anya, for all intents and purposes. (ephemeral2) wrote in vegancooking,
Anya, for all intents and purposes.

Carrot Souffle

While I remember eating this as a child, it remains in my memory as a favorite of my grandmother's. I want to being something to the family reunion in September and have decided to create a veganized carrot souffle. However I have no idea where to begin (after peeling and boiling my carrots of course ;). I've decided on using almond milk, as opposed to cow's milk, but need a replacement for the eggs/yolks.

This task seems impossible I know, because chemically speaking you can't make a souffle without eggs, however I thought I could overcome this problem by ignoring the question of texture (or possibly creating a casserole or maybe a tart with carrot souffle type filling, etc) and aiming more for a sweet and authentic flavor. I know there are recipes which include ingredients like bay leaves, and salt however the souffle I remember and the one my grandmother still enjoys is distinctly sweet. One stipulation it has to be sweet and at least mildly creamy.

Given the circumstances, any suggestions? :) any help is much appreciated.

Ps: If I could aim for ingredients that can be found at a regular grocery store that's a plus, I shop at Publix a lot of the time, and they have a very decent health food section, not to mention great meat analogue choices ;)
Tags: fancy schmancy, substitutes-egg yolks, substitutes-eggs-for souffles, vegetables-carrots
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