angel monster (malloreigh) wrote in vegancooking,
angel monster

Gluten Free Cookies

ugh... i've googled, i've looked at this community, and i'm starting to get a little disheartened. i need a SUPER AWESOME gluten-free cookie recipe that's simple and doesn't involve lots of hard-to-find ingredients. a restaurant in town wants to start offering a vegan cookie, but the requirement is that it's also gluten-free, and the ingredients have to be easy to find on a wholesale basis. which means i can't use one of the many recipes online that seems to use 4 kinds of flour or xanthan gum or this one particular brand of oat flour or whatever.

i just need a cookie that's flavourful, fairly easy to make, and doesn't have a million hard to find ingredients. ideally it'll be soy-free too... they're trying to hit all the niches with one dessert, which makes sense because they save on costs and waste that way.

if anyone can point me to a good recipe or offer some tips that would be great! having been tasked with this research job i'm willing to do some testing but -i- also don't want to have to hunt around town for crazy ingredients that i'll never use again, you know?

thanks so much, vegans!
Tags: -health-gluten free, desserts-cookies
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