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Juicing vegetables

Are any of you avid juicers?  I just bought a juicer and it gets here tomorrow (!!!!) and I'm so excited (!!!) 

Just wondering:
  • On average how much does it cost you a week to juice daily? (maybe it's not as bad as I'm anticipating?)
  • Any ideas about where to get the cheapest organic produce?    I had a garden but it totally failed this year and the farmers markets around here seem to be just as spendy as the grocery stores.  Whole Foods has the best organic selection of course, but omg, I'll go broke there.
  • Any awesome veggie combinations that make tasty juice?  Again, I got a single-auger low RPM masticating juicer so I'll be juicing mostly greens (or greens mixed with fruit to sweeten)--the juicer apparently backs up if you feed it only soft fruits.
I decided when I bought this juicer it was worth it to me to spend a little more per month on food, but seriously... any ideas about how to not spend half my paycheck on produce?

Hope it's ok to ask this here even though it's about juicing/juice recipes, not cooking...
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