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Heart-healthy meal ideas

Hi all, I wasn't sure how to check the tags for this sort of thing, so hopefully you can help.
I'm going home for a couple days to hang out with my dad, who recently suffered a mild heart attack (coincidental timing) and I now want to cook a few heart-healthy dinners for him. He's not into the whole vegan/vegetarian thing, but he is also pretty health-conscious in the sense that he eats lots of vegetables and takes flax oil daily and that sort of thing.
What are some great heart-healthy foods or meal ideas that would go over well, taste-wise? I would like to open him up more to the world of tofu, even though I think my efforts will be in vain. He's mostly a meat-and-potatoes kinda guy, he grew up in England and he's really into rich foods and red meat (just to give you an idea of his eating habits.) It would be ideal if these meals would inspire him to make something similar on his own, and thus provide more options and insight into foods that are not meat or dairy based.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Tags: -health, -healthy meals, foods that non-vegans would like
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