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"Pizza" sauce ideas

Hey everyone,
sorry for the boring, question-only post.
I'm going on a trip on Saturday morning and have to take all of my possessions with me because I'm moving house when I get back, so I'm trying to use up all my food and not buy any more, unless it's something that I can use all of, like fresh vegetables.

I've got little pita breads, so I've decided to use them to make something like pizza. I've got some tomato paste, an onion, zucchini and roma tomatoes, but what I'm stuck on is what to use as a sauce, to really top everything off, and I guess add some moisture to the pita breads which are a bit dry. I would have just put "cheese" on top, but the local organic store didn't have any.

Things that I have access to:
x. tahini (I'd really like to use this up. I used most of the jar by mixing it with miso and using it as a spread, but now I'm all out of miso and I don't like the taste of tahini on its own)
x. soy sauce
x. ketchup
x. vinegar
x. oil (olive, sunflower, pumpkin seed.)
x. fresh garlic
x. lots of different spices

Tahini recipes would be amazing, since I'm really clueless on how to thin it out for anything like a sauce or dressing. I tried making a salad dressing with it last week and it didn't turn out well at all. Is it just not going to work if I don't like tahini?
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