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How do you say picky eater in German?

Hey all- I've begun working as an au pair in Austria, which, so far, is good. There's one problem however- the kids I'm cooking for are kind of picky eaters. For background, their dad is omni, they're omni, their mom is mostly vegan (I blew her mind by making pancakes without eggs), but is completely and totally supportive of my veganism (which is an awesome change after living in Bosnia for 3 months). Anyway, long story short, I'm trying to cook meals for the kids that are at least vegetarian (so hopefully I don't have to make them a meal, and myself one), and that incorporate more veggies.

To give you an idea of what they will eat, the last week I've been here, they've eaten pizza (cheese and pepperoni), some raw carrots/tomatoes/peppers, dumplings (with egg and cheese) and strawberry sauce, donner, grilled meat, cucumber salad (but this was like pulling teeth with a few), curry with beef, the aforementioned pancakes and a lot of yogurt and musli. They will raw fruit.

Today, we made apple scones together (which was a big treat, since they're only allowed to have proper sweets on Saturdays), and I'm making veggie burgers and pasta with a vegan alfredo sauce (they've never had alfredo, so hopefully they like it? If not...). I guess my main difficulty is that a lot of comfort food for me growing up is nonexistent for them- mac n' cheese, burritos, grilled cheese, and the like.

Really, any ideas you could give me, vegan, vegetarian or otherwise would be appreciated.

PS- As for what's available, well, a fair amount of soy products (soy milk, soy pudding) and some tofus, but I haven't found faux-meat (outside of veggie burgers) or seitan or tempeh...
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