i (hydr0cl0r1de) wrote in vegancooking,

Healthier cookie baking...

Hey vegans...

My housemate has a tray of non vegan choc chip cookies and they have been staring at me all day. I need to make vegan cookies!!

But my baking always turns out awful so wondering if anyones got some recipes? My problem is that i always substitue and leave out things in hope of making things healthier but then end up with things that either taste bad or have bad texture.. I'd like recipes with minimal (or none) white flour, cane sugar, or margarine.

Things that i do have a like to use instead include: Buckwheat, besan and whole wheat flours, agave nectar, apple sauce, dates, bananas. Coconut oil.

But i can go to the shop too.. My baking problem is usually that everything tastes bad, doesnt rise, and is too heavy (due to me cuttinng out the oils, sugar, and substituting too much flour i suppose)

Can anyone point me to some recipes???

Tags: desserts(healthy), desserts-cookies, desserts-low sugar
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