Making it happen since 1973 (nymysys) wrote in vegancooking,
Making it happen since 1973

Leftover fruit syrup

Once a month I get together with my friends for Sunday LadyBrunch, and we all make something to bring, and eat and drink mimosas for hours without any stinky boys around. The main dish today will be french toast, so I was in charge of toppings. I made a banana-ginger compote (cinnamon, lemon juice, orange juice, sugar), and a blueberry-jalapeno compote (pinot noir, lemon juice, brown sugar). After straining out the juice and canning the compotes, I still have lots of delicious, syrupy fruit sauce left over. I'm not huge into sweets (I don't want to just pour them over ice dream, or some such), but I'd like to do something with them. Perhaps use them as a base for something else?

Also, we do drink , so I could probably use the sauces to mix with vodka or champagne. But I'd prefer something more creative, and you guys are who to go to for that.
Tags: syrups
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