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Kale is a bit of a rarity around here. I'd never heard of it or seen it until I moved to the city. Even in the city I can only get it in a big supermarket. It comes all chopped up, perfectly uniform in size and color. So I've never seen a whole kale. The other day my local fruit and veg shop had a bag of it, just the one so I had to buy it. It is in whole leaves, I never knew they were so big. But it's also all different colors. There's some leaves that are the deep green I am used to, some are light green, some are brown, some are yellow.

It made me wonder- is it alright to eat it when it's any color so long as it doen't look wilted? I made soup just there and only used the green stuff since I wasn't sure and my google-fu failed me. but I still have half a big, I don't want to chuck it out if it's good to eat. So is it good? Do different colors have any different properties?
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