mutated_queer (mutated_queer) wrote in vegancooking,

Cashew Ricotta

Tonight I plan on doing some roast veg in a tomatoe-y Italian-ish sauce. Topping it with blobs of cashew ricotta and bread crumbs then grilling it to crisp it up.

I've never had cashew ricotta before but all recipes seem to need firm tofu. I've never ate tofu and can't afford to buy it. So I'm thinking I'll just skip it. I'm not too bothered about realistic texture, I just want something tastey. So will no tofu be alright? Wanted to check before I made it and accidentally ruined my dinner in case I'm missing something obvious

Also, I plan to do bulgar to go with it since the shop never had polenta. I've never had bulgar before either so any suggestions of how to do it or should I stick to plain?

thanks in advance
Tags: nuts-cashews, substitutes-dairy-cheese
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