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Butternut Squash Curry

i made this today for like the 4th time ever! and its so easy!
im one of those people who, given a saucepan and some water, will burn it very efficiently ¬_¬
there isnt any need for oil in this recipe
makes enough for 4 people or 4 dinners for 1 person!
i personally make this huge curry to last me a few days as i have a busy job - can never be bothered after a 7.5 hour day!

150g Sweetcorn [less or more if you prefer] [alternatively use peas if you really cant stand sweetcorn]
500g Butternut Squash [if buying fresh you will need to buy a squash weighing at least 600g due to skin and seed weight]
200g green beans [or any other veg i.e. tenderstem broccoli]
400ml can Coconut Milk
3 tsp red thai curry paste

1. put the can of sweetcorn in a wok style pan with a bit of the water it was packed in. wait for it to make a crackling noise, and make sure to stir it so the corn doesnt stick to the pan

2. add the squash [you can normally buy it prepared], stir and leave it for a few minutes so you can do step 3.

3. add the green beans or whatever vegetables youve chosen. 

4. now you need to add the coconut milk, curry paste and wait for the mixture to boil. stir, and then reduce to simmer. cover and leave for 10 minutes.

5. stir the mixture and then cover and leave for an extra 10 minutes

6. now it should all be cooked. serve with rice noodles or whatever you want really! :]

if you want to store it, leave it to cool for at least 10-20 minutes. as its all vegetables it should freeze relatively well, though i have never done so myself.

so yeah, GOOD LUCK
if i can make this, SO CAN YOU!
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