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Tomato and Chilli Pesto Rigatoni with Capers. Help!

Hey guys,

I want to make a hot chilli and tomato pesto for some friends coming over on Thursday. I've never made it before, but had it out of a jar and it was delicious. The recipe I was thinking of following calls for whizzing up sun dried tomatoes in oil, parsley laves, chillies, pine nuts and parmesan. But pretty much all of those things are out. I can't bear parsley, so it'll be basil, or maybe coriander to complement the chilli. The parmesan will be Parmesano and one of the girls is allergic to nuts so they will be replaced with sesame seeds or possibly toasted and crush hazelnuts (which, strangely, is a nut she can tolerate in small amounts, pine nuts make her really ill). So I don't know if it'll work out.

Has any got a chilli pesto recipe? I could always do a chilli and coriander pesto I suppose but I'd really like to do hot chilli and tomato.

Also, do you think a bowl of pasta with chilli pesto could do with a few capers being thrown in?

Anyway, yeah, I want to make chilli and tomato pesto rigatoni with capers and need the benefit of the comm.'s experience.

Thanks in advance.
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