mercedes (delete) wrote in vegancooking,

substitution for pine nut paste.

i would like to make this recipe (eggplant & pine nut rolled lasagna) for dinner tonight, but i have a problem. buying the pine nuts is going to be kind of expensive since i'm pretty poor right now, so i'm looking for something to use as a substitute. i hate peanut butter, and my boyfriend doesn't like almond butter.
a few of the comments mentioned using pesto, or even hummus. pesto would be cheap enough to make, but i'm not sure if i'd like the taste.

can anyone offer any other suggestions? thanks. :)

edit. i ended up just using marinara, but it was too thin to hold the lasagna together well. so i'd still appreciate suggestions, since i'm sure i'll be making this again.
Tags: nuts-pignoles/pine nuts
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