Allison (stagedarlin) wrote in vegancooking,

Beaten eggs?

My roommate is obsessed with pumpkin. And my mom has this recipe that I grew up with for Pumpkin rolls and my roommate has been begging me to make them so she can try them.

Her birthday is tomorrow so I want to make them for her. I asked if she wanted the normal recipe, or if she wanted me to veganize it. She told me to veganize it so I could also eat some.

Two questions:

1.) The recipe calls for 3 eggs beaten for 2 minutes. Is this something I can accomplish with normal egg replacer? (i.e. Ener-G egg replacer) or is there a better alternative?

2.) It includes cream cheese in the middle. I'm fine with using either the Tofutti or Follow Your Heart cream cheese, but I'm nervous about the soy-taste so I was going to add a little lemon juice to offset it. Is there a lemon juice to cream cheese ratio I should stick to?

Tags: substitutes-dairy-cream cheese, substitutes-eggs-for breads
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