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Offsetting the sweetness of Daiya

I was so excited when I found mozzarella-style Daiya in my local supermarket! I went right home and tossed it into some pasta with tomato sauce. The texture is terrific--it really does melt and get all gooey!--but to my disappointment, it tastes really sweet, which I guess is no surprise since it's made with tapioca. This is extra unfortunate because when real mozzarella starts to smell or taste sweet, that means it's gone bad. So when I taste sweet mozzarella-ish stuff, I get a little queasy, and it's hard to convince myself that no, it really is okay.

I was hoping to use Daiya in some of my favorite Italian recipes from back when I ate dairy, but now I'm worried that they'll taste funny. When using it in not-originally-vegan recipes, how do you balance out the sweetness? Or do you override it with other, stronger flavors and just enjoy the texture?
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