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Sunday Roast

Hi guys! Not unusual for me to need some advice before my weekly dinner party. We're gonna have a proper roast dinner, no meat sub, just all the other goodies (sans Yorkshire Pudding, alas, still can't make decent vegan version, took me long enough to get the regular v*gan version right). We're having gingerbread for dessert, which I love making.

But I'm now a bit worried. I have to work tomorrow until 2 so I've done a lot of prep tonight (there's a footy match I don't want to miss on at 2-4 otherwise I'd have done all my prep tomorrow). I've peeled the potatoes and put them in water. I know this is ok, because a lot of roast potato recipes suggest soaking overnight to really get the starch out of them! Likewise, I know it's ok that I've stemmed and peeled my brussel sprouts.


I've also topped, tailed and (unusually) peeled a load of Chantenay Carrots, and parsnips. The former ready to be boiled and glazed, the later ready to be parboiled and roasted with a little brown sugar in place of honey. Will they be ok? They're in water in the fridge, do they need salting too? Will the parsnips go brown if I don't put something acidic in with them? Will they absorb the water and not roast well?

I've also made up a batch of sage and onion stuffing, and now I'm worried that'll come out bad, that the bread crumbs might lose all their structure by the morning. I've just made the mixture, I haven't baked it yet.

Any wisdom appreciated!
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