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Stuffing & Pumpkin Help

Hey, this year for Thanksgiving I'd like to make an amazing stuffing. What I usually make from a bag just turns out okay; not bad, but it's usually either a bit too salty or doesn't have enough flavor. I'd just really like to have a good recipe that I can count on.

I have two pie pumpkins I need to cook for Thanksgiving and one I'd figure I'd stuff. Just, the thing is, when I've made stuffed pumpkins before the pumpkin itself is always bland. I really want to make a flavorful pumpkin dish. I think I may make a stew in the other one. Definitely if I stuff one this year I'll cook it empty and then scrape out most of the inside to mix/season with the stuffing and then stuff it all inside the pumpkin shell. I think that would make it more flavorful so it doesn't just taste like bland squash.

So, anyway, any suggestions or recipes or whatever would be really helpful. Thanks!
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