Lauren (withinmywill) wrote in vegancooking,

Argentinian/Vegan/Thanksgiving Fusion

I'm making food for my Spanish literature class next Tuesday, and I decided that I'm going to make food for everyone. I figured it should be something Argentinian, since we're studying a lot of Argentinian literature right now. However, it's also right before Thanksgiving, and I'm also vegan. Therefore, my aspiration is to make an Argentinian-Thanksgiving-Vegan-Fusion-Amazingness meal. I have NO idea what this would look like. I'm not even sure what vegan Argentinian food would look like. Everything I know about vegan Argentinian food I read in one New York Times article several months ago. ...and Thanksgiving, being a US holiday, doesn't even exist in Argentina.

So, creative vegan friends, any ideas?!

love y'all.

PS: I created a holiday food-thanksgiving tag and an ethnic food-argentinian tag. Hope that's alright!
Tags: ethnic food-latin american, holiday food-thanksgiving
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