miss teen wordpower (_like_weeds) wrote in vegancooking,
miss teen wordpower

veggie chicken nuggets

To my dismay, the big cheap box of soy nuggets at Trader Joes has been discontinued. They no longer have a vegan chicken sub in nugget or tender form :(

Which brings me to, what are your favorites? Bonus for cheapness and organic or non-gmo.
I tried the Gardein tenders but they were really expensive and not as junk-foody as I was looking for, I like the salty-breaded-mince style nuggets more than the flaky-er texture of the gardein ones.

I don't want anything especially seasoned or flavored, just breaded.
The Boca ones look good, but do they use GMO soybeans? I'm finding conflicting info.
Tags: -product reviews-meat analogues
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