SuperMonkey and the Spatula of Doom (seamonkey) wrote in vegancooking,
SuperMonkey and the Spatula of Doom

sensitive stomach and left over burgers

I ordered these:

I made a sandwich last night with the artichoke burger, vegan essentials new garlic mayo, mustard and cheese on ezekial bread. All of that kind of over powered the burger.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I can do with the remaining patties? I don't want to make another sandwich because all I could taste was bread and mustard.

also, it seems like everything I eat lately is making me sick. I get nauseated and wind up running for the bathroom the next morning.

I made soup with mock chicken broth, gnocchi, mushrooms, and delight soy patties in the crock and INSTANT nausea.

The only thing that doesn't appear to bother my stomach is smart dogs and those are only 45 calories, so I can't live off of them. I thought something bland like soup would do the trick (I also made it because my allergies are KILLING me)

Does anyone have any bland food recs for a sensitive stomach? I'm bipolar, so I think it might be related to a med I just started
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