coldagain (coldagain) wrote in vegancooking,

frozen bananas & ginger powder

A few kilos of sliced frozen bananas, I haz them. And since it's winter and too cold for Better Than Ice Cream! or yummy half-frozen fruit smoothies, I can't figure out what to do with them.

Can frozen (and thawed) bananas be used for baking, or be cooked in general? I mean, of course one is able to do whatever with them but is it not recommended, does it effect the taste, etc, etc.?

Any advice based on experience would be golden.

A second query as an aside: I also have over half a kilo/one pound of ginger powder. I've been putting it into everything, but I still have enough to drown in. Any ideas that use a fair amount of it that are tasty, or generally edible and not too spicy? (I like spicy, but within limits. This ginger powder of mine has tested those quite thoroughly; putting a teaspoon of the stuff into pudding? Not as good an idea as it sounds.)
Tags: -freezing-foods, -what can i do with...?, fruits-bananas, herbs&spices-ginger
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