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Spirulina intake

Hey guys,
I'm at a loss of how to take my daily spirulina dose. I don't like the tablets, and there's a very nice farm up north who sells it by the hundreds of grams as a powder. I used to add it to my morning fruit shake, but in my new job I don't have time for it in the morning and the fruits get spread across the day's meals. So far I've triend sprinkling it on grapefruit (messy!!) or chopped grapefruit but I won't always have grapefruits around me.
So, basically, I need to pick your brains about raw recipies for some sort of spirulina treat that I can eat, hopefully with a good source of vitamin C in it for maximum iron intake. A vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv has spirulina balls but I don't know if they're baked cookies or what. Oh, and also, if it can be low-calorie that would be great.

Thank you!
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