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It seems like a trifling thing to post, but it's taken me ages to get really crispy, flavoursome parsnips to use as a side dish. I think I was going wrong by cutting them lengthways so they cooked unevenly. Anyway, I' sure most of you have mastered roasted parsnips, but for those who haven't...

Peel, top and tail parsnips.
Heat oven to 190 and pop in a roasting tin with enough olive oil to coat parsnips.
Cut the parsnips into 2cm chunks. Rounds for the smaller end, and half moons fo the thicker end.
Put into boiling water for 3 minutes.
Drain and steam dry for a few minutes.
Toss parsnips with plain flour.
Toss with enough Chinese 5 spice powder to season all the parsnips thoroughly.
Pour parsnips into hot roasting tin (making sure oil is smoking hot) and make sure all sides have a coating of oil.
Roast for 40 mins, turning 3 times throughout cooking.

5 spice parsnips
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