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Funnel cake shelf life

Hello again,
I posted here about a week ago asking for ridiculous birthday cake ideas, and I think I have made a final decision, more or less. I still have a couple questions though.

Unfortunately I won't be doing anything too absurd (donut mountain, pies baked within cakes, etc) for issues regarding prep time and space (sad!!), but I think I can handle making a cheeseburger-shaped cake, with chocolate ice cream as the patty (possibly with crumbled oreos mixed in, just for fun), cashew cream "cheese", strawberries and kiwi for "tomato and lettuce", and, drum roll, funnel cakes as the bun.

I have browsed around and found a couple good vegan funnel cake recipes (will experiment tonight, already drooling), but my main concern is funnel cake "shelf-life". The cake is for my boyfriend, we live together, I want it to be a surprise. The birthday plan is to go out for dinner/drinks around 630, and we will probably come back home around midnight (or later) with our friends. This is when we will be having cake. I will be preparing the ice cream patty the night before (and let it sit in the freezer, keeping shape in a spring-form pan), and I will prepare the cashew cream beforehand as well.

Do you lovely people think it would be best to prepare the funnel cakes immediately before serving it (so they are still hot and fresh), or would it be okay to prepare them beforehand, keep them in the fridge (or freezer?) and assemble/serve the cheeseburger cake cold/frozen? My issue with serving them hot and fresh is that the ice cream patty will probably melt too quickly. In addition to that, I will probably be a little tipsy by that point and I'm afraid to work with hot oil in that state. My issue with serving them cold, is that they won't taste good, they will be mushy, or something else undesirable. Does anyone have any experience with serving cold/frozen funnel cake? If I do keep them cold/frozen, should I keep them separate from the ice cream? Or if it's all in the freezer and already prepared, do you think it would get mushy?

I'm going to shut up and stop typing now, I would appreciate any feedback! Thank you!

ps. I wasn't sure how to tag this post, which might explain why I wasn't able to find any help in the tags. Sorry if I suck!
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