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Gobi Manchurian (Dry)

Cauliflower – 1/2 - 3/4 medium, divided into bite-size florets
Oil – for deep frying

For the batter:

All-purpose Flour – 5 Tbsp
Corn Starch – 3 Tbsp
Salt – 1/4 tsp
Black Pepper – 1/4 tsp
Water – enough to get a batter that is neither thin nor thick

For the sauce:

Oil – 1 Tbsp
Onion – 1/2 medium, chopped finely
Green Chilies – to taste, cut diagonally
Garlic – 3 large cloves, chopped finely
Ginger – 1-2 tsp, chopped finely, to taste
Ketchup – 1 Tbsp
Red Chili Sauce (e.g., Sambal Oelek) – 2 Tbsp or to taste
Soy Sauce – 4 tsp or to taste
White Vinegar – 1-2 tsp, to taste
Water – 4 Tbsp
Corn Starch – 1.5 tsp
Green Onions – 2 stalks, cut diagonally for garnishing


1. Heat Oil in a medium non-stick pan.
2. Add Onions, Green Chilies, Garlic and Ginger and cook until Onions are light brown.
3. Add Ketchup and Red Chili Sauce and cook until Oil starts to separate from mixture.
4. Add Soy Sauce and Vinegar and mix well.
5. Mix Corn Starch with 4 Tbsp Water and add it to the pan. Cook for 1-2 minutes until sauce starts to thicken.
6. Keep sauce aside.
7. To make batter, add All-purpose flour, Corn Starch, Salt, Black Pepper and Water to a small bowl. Mix until there are no lumps.
8. Coat Cauliflower pieces well with batter and deep fry until Cauliflower is a medium dark brown color.
9. Finish frying all of the Cauliflower and add it to the pan with re-heated sauce. Toss well to coat Cauliflower completely.
10. Add Green Onions and toss again.
11. Serve immediately.

(Slightly adapted from:

Oops, forgot to say, sprinkle a little chopped cilantro at the end!
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