madjennykid (madjennykid) wrote in vegancooking,

Help Me Feed a Student Staff

 Hello, my lovely vegan chefs! I am in need of the culinary expertise of you all. To begin, I supervise an all student staff (resident assistants, in case any of you were curious), and once a week it is required that we have a staff meeting. For these staff meetings, I usually bake cookies/brownies/cupcakes, etc. in order to make things a bit more fun (we meet at 7pm on Sundays...not the most lively of times). However, I would like to try and feed my staff something healthy for a change.

Does anyone have any recipe ideas that would:
a) Be easy to pass around a group of people? (i.e. not messy)
b) Not be too difficult to prepare?
c) Be more inventive than a fruit platter?
d) Be readily eaten by a bunch of omnivore college students?

To clarify, I'm looking for something snack-like to replace my cookies. Thanks :D
Tags: party foods &/or potlucks, snacks
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