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cilantro pesto

Last night I had a dream that I was grocery shopping, and no stores had any basil on hand. I really wanted to make pesto for a pasta dish, so I grabbed some cilantro because I had heard of that before. The rest of my dream was this really stressful shopping experience trying to pair the cilantro with different veggies.

Anyway, now that I'm awake, I REALLY WANT TO MAKE CILANTRO PESTO FOR A PASTA DISH. I've been reading up on various recipes, and I've been noticing people recommending almonds or peanuts instead of pine nuts, and a lot of the recipes have something spicy in them (chili, jalapenos, etc)
What, in your expert opinions, are good pairings for pesto ingredients? Keep in mind, I want this to be eaten with pasta (and not, say, a dipping sauce for cold summer rolls)
In addition to pesto ingredients, what do you think would be good choices for veggie pairings? My dream-self was set on shiitake mushrooms BUT I COULDN'T FIND ANY OF THOSE, EITHER. I feel like this could start to taste like Thai food pretty quickly, and I would like to avoid that (nuthin' against Thai food, I just like my pasta to be more Italian)
I'll stop rambling now. Thanks!

Tags: condiments-pesto, herbs-coriander leaf/cilantro, pasta
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