Eliz (elizabear) wrote in vegancooking,

Persian rice and beans

I'm hoping someone can help with some recipe ideas. This past weekend, we had lunch at a Persian/Middle Eastern food court restaurant, and their rice with bean sauce was yummy. I want to try to make it at home, so I'm hoping someone here has already created or found a tasty version we can work from. Googling doesn't come up with anything that looks interesting.

The bean sauce (as they called it) was clearly based on a tomato sauce with onions and white beans. We didn't see any other visible ingredients, and there weren't any overt spices. I think it was stewed for a while, so it seems like a crockpot would be good for this. The sauce was served over brown rice cooked with lentils, and the combo hit all the right notes of a rich sauce with the toothiness of the rice and the extra flavor of the lentils.

Suggestions? Thanks!
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