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How to Shop at Spanish Stores

What a weird coincidence, I was just about to post about something that someone else just posted about in vegancooking, but I think it's a different enough issue for a new post.

I just moved to a part of the city that is often referred to as 'the ghetto' in Salem, "The Point" is what locals call it. It's actually a very nice neighborhood and I have a LOT of bodegas within walking distance to get fun and interesting things. The only issue is that there are no Asian stores (which I have mastered shopping at) - it's all Spanish, particularly Dominican and Puerto Rican, and I am not familiar at all with Caribbean produce! Also a lot of the foods in general look like stuff I could work with but I don't know what it is! Out of the four stores nearby, they all seem to have the same types of things, so it's safe to assume they have the standard Spanish/Dominican/Puerto Rican fare.

I could google, but I was really hoping to get advice from someone with personal experience. The only Caribbean food I have experience with is platanos, and I have been obsessed with making them for years now, it's time to broaden my range in this regard.


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