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Help with Weekly Meals

On Sundays, my husband and I cook our meals for the week. We usually cook one-pot wonders, casseroles and/or soups/stews. We have also done burritos in bulk and freezed them and this has worked pretty well. We try to do more than one a week so that we have some variety. A lot of our meals end up being tomato-based which is usually not a problem. However, I was recently on some medication that really did a number on a my stomach and now its sensitive to acidic foods.* Now, I could have a ginger candy after having an acidic meal and usually I am ok but sometimes this hasn't been the most successful. I am turning to you all for some suggestions on what we should cook for the week. Requirements: being one of the type of dishes listed above, not be too acidic (so tomato-based is pretty much out), and must freeze well. I have several cookbooks, so if you know a recipe from one of those that would be awesome and I'll list what we have made from them because 1) hopefully that will give you an idea of what we like and 2) just in case someone wants to know what we have made from these books and what recipes have been good and not so good. Also, neither of us are a fan of meat replacements like seitan or anything processed. My husband is also not a fan of fake cheese. Also, if its low fat or fat free, bonus points! Thanks!

Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian
-We have done a few dals and other bean dishes from this book and they have turned out well. We mostly use it for his pizza dough recipe but are willing to try something else from it.

Vegan with a Vengeance
-I usually use this book for the breakfast recipes and for the tofu ricotta all of which have been pretty good. I think the only thing I have had issues (and not does this matter for my problem listed above) with is the cupcakes but that's an issue for another day.

-I think this may be one of the best cookbooks ever for vegans and non-vegans alike. We have made:
-Cholent which gets better the longer you keep in the fridge or if you freeze it
-French Lentil Soup, surprisingly tasty
-Pumpkin Saag, made this several times with no complaints
-Baked Potato Soup, this is also really good but we just made it recently so we don't feel like making it again
-Smoky gumbo, we made this last week and because of the tomatoes I couldn't really eat it so its just chillin in our freezer right now but the few bites I was able to get in were delicious
-Spicy Tempeh Sushi, good and easy to make but can't really freeze them for future meals
-Variation on the pot pie recipe- we have leftover filling so we will probably make a few individual pot pies today
-The mole recipe maybe my favorite in the book and if I could I would eat everyday on everything.
-Mac N Cheese- this was the only recipe from this book so far that has been kinda an epic fail. I'm not sure what I did but it was barely edible.

Crescent Dragonwagon's Passionate Vegetarian
-I have had this book so long and I think I have only made like two or three things from it and I can't remember what those are. 

Tassajara Cooking Book (the 1973 edition which is completely different from the current edition of the Tassajara Cookbook)
-We make the basic casserole dish a couple times a month and its pretty darn good and simple. I highly recommend it. I posted it once in here and I think its listed under the casserole tag.

The Vegan Table
-Got this as a gift and I have only attempted to make the red velvet cake and it was a bit of an epic fail. Open to suggestions as to what I should try from it.

Fatfree Vegan
I turn to this blog a lot for recipes and made so much that I can't remember what I have made from her blog but everything I have made has been really good.

Sorry for the longwinded review of my small library of cookbooks but hopefully someone will find it helpful and you'll help me out with what to make tonight.  Thanks again!

*I stopped taking the medication and talked to my NP about it and she said it was the right thing to do. I am going for a follow-up appointment related to the initial injury the medication was suppose to be helping out on Tuesday.
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