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non-hydrogenated unsalted vegan margarine

i was browsing around the extensive (ephemeral) kosher section of my supermarket the other day, and i randomly decided to check out the margarines. turns out mother's margarine (made by manischewitz, pareve and KFP all year round) looks to be vegan.

this is for the salted version
non-hydrogenated cottonseed oil, non-hydrogenated palm oil, filtered water, , salt, distilled monoglycerides, natural flavor, annatto (the unsalted has everything but the salt)

according to this blog post which hasn't had a comment in 2 years, there might also be an unsalted non-hydrog margarine by eden (also with cottonseed oil) but i couldn't find it on their website.

cottonseed oil isn't all that healthy (cotton is highly sprayed with pesticides) and the palm is most likely as cheap as they can get it, so very likely from malaysia and indonesia, but if you need an unsalted margarine (where you can't just remove salt from the rest of your recipe to account for the salt in earth balance) then this might be a good option.

i did a side-by side with the salted and EB, and the mothers was definitely more waxy, and less flavorful, but it reminded me more of the butter that i had had in my youth. so it might be a good option for shortbread. also, i've had bad luck more often that i've had good luck with EB tub in my frosting (separation), so this might be a good option for frosting.
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