detsher77 (detsher77) wrote in vegancooking,

Cupcake Ideas

So I have a pitch-in at work and I want to make some awesome spring cupcakes. In the fall I brought in Isa's golden vanilla with chocolate buttercream, which are an instant classic, but I want something that screams spring.

So I was thinking of one of my favorite combos - lemon and blueberry, but all the recipes I'm finding put whole blueberries into the batter, which really seems more like a muffin with frosting, blech.

Right now my only thought is to lemonify the golden cupcake recipe and potentially add some lemon curd to the centers and top with standard vanilla buttercream with some blueberry jam added, but I'm afraid that won't have enough blueberry flavor.

Any suggestions on alternatives? Or things that have worked for you in the past? Thanks!
Tags: desserts-cupcakes, seasonal recipes-spring
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