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ISO vegan key lime gelato and graham cracker recipes

My husband wanted to surprise me with a special treat, so he brought home what he thought was key lime sorbet with graham cracker bits. It was actually key lime gelato with graham cracker bits, and of course the graham cracker bits had dairy in them. (I love him for many reasons, but he's not the best at checking ingredient lists.) He sheepishly returned it and got me some lemon zest sorbet, but of course now I want to make my own vegan key lime gelato with graham cracker bits.

I don't have a recipe for vegan graham crackers. If you do, would you please share? And any suggestions for choosing among the millions of vegan key lime ice cream recipes out there would be greatly appreciated. (Nothing with avocado in it, please. Ew.) I do have an ice cream maker, so recipes that call for one are fine.

Thank you very much!
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