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Camping ideas

I am in need of assistance. I'm going to be flying from Canada to visit a friend in Nebraska. From there, we'll be driving to Missouri where we'll be camping for about 10 days. I'm 99.9% certain that I won't have any access to cooking facilities once at the camp site. I will have access to a cooler or two.

My plan is to make a few things that can be easily transported and don't necessarily need to be heated, such as hummous and falafel. I'm also thinking of cooking up a package or two of Tofurkey sausages and maybe making some vegan sloppy joes or a bean dish of some kind, which I can eat cold if I must. I'll likely be able to drive off-site at least once to stock up on fresh veggies and fruit, soy milk and bread. I'll probably get a nut butter of some sort and possibly some Cliff bars. I will likely have cereal and fruit for breakfast.

My friend has told me that there's a Trader Joe's in her hometown. There's also a Whole Foods, but I'd rather not shop there (personally, I object to the owner's position on health care; I've been told that the Ramones' song, I'm Against It, could well be my own personal anthem.) I'm not terribly familiar with Trader Joe's products. Maybe they have options I might not be aware of?

I could use some suggestions. I don't camp, normally, or ever. The fact that I'm doing so is a testament to how much I love my friend.
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