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what to do with huge amounts of kale and mint?

 hello! and apologies if either of these questions have already been asked.  I already have a huge amount of fresh mint and I have kale and am about to come by a huge amount more..  what to do?  I am particularly wondering about things that would be compact and/or last for a long time.  I already have made iced green mint tea with some of the mint, and kale chips with salt and garlic powder and curry powder (yum!)  Should I just make a million more kale chips?  Also, is there a way I can freeze kale that would be fairly compact?
An idea about the mint was carrot mint garlic dip, but I don't think that would use up that much mint, really.
Any recipes that use up a huge amount of mint or kale?

Also if you're interested, I've been posting links to delicious vegan recipes on my blog lately:
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