Nacho Cheese (nacho_cheese) wrote in vegancooking,
Nacho Cheese

Homemade cheese without cashews?

I've perused some of the memories for something like this, but couldn't find any homemade cheese recipes without cashews!

I could, of course, buy the soy and rice cheeses, but I also want to get into the habit of making my own vegan cheese. Unfortunately, pretty much all recipes I've come across call for cashews -- I guess it lends to that nutty flavor that many cheeses have. I am, however, deathly allergic to cashews. And all tree nuts, for that matter.

So, does anyone here have a recipe for homemade cheese (of any sort) without cashews or other tree nuts? I'd greatly appreciate it!

Also, unrelated due to aforementioned cashew problem, but this recipe made me LOL because, well, shoot. nacho_cheese substitute, really? ;)
Tags: -allergies-nuts, substitutes-dairy-cheese
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