mountainmaiden (mountainmaiden) wrote in vegancooking,

Caramel sauce recipe wanted + ice cream sundae ideas

My husband is taking boards on Friday (for nurse practitioner licensing) and I'm planning a meal to celebrate when he finishes. For dessert, I want to try making ice cream sundaes.

What I really want to figure out is how to make a vegan caramel sauce for ice cream. All the ones I've seen at the store are either not vegan (most of the time) or occasionally just very unhealthy (corn syrup, artificial flavors, etc). Any good recipes? Preferably without corn syrup? I have brown rice syrup and a couple different kinds of vegan sugar, but I've never made anything remotely similar to this, so I'm not sure where to start.

Besides that, what are your favorite vegan ice cream sundae toppings? Are sprinkles generally vegan or not? Can you get vegan maraschino cherries without chemical dyes? Or something similar? 

Thanks! :) 
Tags: desserts-cakes-ice cream, desserts-caramel
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