...this is a story of possibility... (evilmannequine) wrote in vegancooking,
...this is a story of possibility...

Dehydrated daiya?

Hi everybody!

I'm about to do a backwoods camping trip for six days. I borrowed a dehydrator and packed it full of veggies, and was brainstorming with my friend about things I could make and she suggested vegan quesadillas.

So my question is

Has anyone here ever tried to dehydrate daiya?

I'd love to hear your experiences on that, if you have any. I'm not feeling super keen on making vegan cheese (besides making up a nooch + other stuff powder mix for mac and cheese) from scratch for this trip. It's coming right up, and I already have a LOT of work to do to prepare for it!

Thanks guys!
Tags: -product reviews-dairy products, substitutes-dairy-cheese
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