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how can I lower my baking costs (and other things)

I got a job baking for a small cafe/video store, and since it isn't incredibly lucrative, I was wondering if some of you could help me lower my baking costs. I went in last Friday with some ~*samples*~ and brought chocolate chip/pecan cookies, the mexican snickerdoodles from VCIYCJ, raspberry/almond muffins ("bakery style muffins" from Vegan Brunch), and chocolate/peanut butter/banana cupcakes from this community (found here:
They loved it, and asked me to bring in more of the same. The cupcakes, although time consuming, don't really cost me much to produce. I might have to move from... fresh-squeezed(?) peanut butter, to a cheaper no-name variety, but my main problem for money is the chocolate chip cookies and the muffins.

The cookies call for a fair amount of margarine (recipe in VwaV), and I've tried them before with oil/substitues and it's really just not the same.
And my other issue with the muffins is that they call for vegan yogurt, which can be costly, and I'm not really sure how to substitute that, or if I can just cut it out altogether.
Oh! And another thing I'm trying to figure out, is how to make small batches (6 cupcakes, for example). I've tried cutting recipes in half before, and, again, it's really just not the same. Can I freeze the batter for a week?

Can anyone recommend to me a really tasty chocolate chip cookies recipe that doesn't use margarine? And a super moist and soft muffin recipe that doesn't have yogurt? And any tips for producing small batches/other ways to solve my quantity issues would be much appreciated.
Thanks so much!
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