Katherine Rose (scarletdulcinea) wrote in vegancooking,
Katherine Rose

adzuki beans!

I am trying to mix up the beans in my life, and I currently have some adzuki beans soaking. Exciting! However, I am trying to decide how to ultimately serve them. I've only ever had them in mochi [mmmm, mochi] and soups at restaurants.

I am very simple when it comes to cooking [turtle beans, for instance, usually equals beans + kale sauteed in veg broth, olive oil, and bragg's over brown rice with a bit of tahini mixed in]. As such, as delicious as I am sure they would be, I can't really make red bean icecream or soups or anything more complicated like that right now, due to time-intensiveness and cost of ingredients. My question is these: what simple vegetables etc do you like to pair with your adzukis? Due to my unfamiliarity with them and their particular taste, I hesitate to jump to any conclusions myself. Many thanks!
Tags: beans-adzuki
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