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Expensive/Rare/ Special Ingredients

It's me again! Got over 100 sets of results from the last poll about frequently owned appliances.

Now I'm here for my next criteria. Amount of Special Ingredient Use.

EDIT ADD: Living in the city, with options, you can find most anything. But can you afford those options? I found some Vegan butter for $2.89, which is cheap for Vegan butter, but I can't really afford "fats" outside the gallon of off brand vegetable oil I buy. I'm thinking of country vegans who don't have options or budget conscious vegans in the city when I ask this question.

What is a rare or special ingredient to you guys? Or perhaps just prohibitively expensive? Sometimes I see a tasty sounding recipe and realize I don't have 2 or more of the ingredients. Vegan Egg Wrappers? Would have to make from scratch and this book doesn't tell me how. Hot chili paste? Where would I get that ingredient, an obscure local store or online? Unicorn tears?? But those are soooo expensive!

I may have missed a few ingredients. You are welcome to comment, stating any I haven't listed. I really did try to list most of them though!


Total Fail, LJ. All I wanted to do was put the poll under a cut, and it took all the POLL info out.


And it won't turn the above into a link no matter what I do to it.  Copy/paste in URL bar, and it works. But LJ is supposed to turn anything with an HTTP on it into a link, whether it works or not. I've also tried typing in -a href- stuff. No go.

I don't want to lose the comments below, so if people who wish to take the poll are willing to copy paste, please do so. 
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