Diamond in the (very) Rough (deftonedpiano) wrote in vegancooking,
Diamond in the (very) Rough

Butterscotch Schanpps and Cream Soda

Hey all,

So I posted a few weeks ago about Harry Potter themed desserts. Well, we had leftover makings of Butterbeer, and I was thinking about making cupcakes or brownies with the Schnapps or Cream Soda. I'm currently dying of a sweet tooth and really SHOULDN'T be having any desserts, but this is for... research purposes.

I have about two bottles of cream soda left (12 oz.) and at least two cups of Schnapps, I'd say.

Any advice, or alternative ideas, or means of incorporating these things into healthier versions of recipes so I don't go on a sweets binge would be awesome.
Tags: desserts(healthy), desserts-brownies, desserts-cakes-alcoholic, desserts-cookies, desserts-cupcakes
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