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Student food: staples to freeze, quick fresh veggies

I'm in the process of quitting my job and going back to school. I'm moving next week (into a place with my own kitchen, not a dorm) and I'll have a few days before the beginning of classes. I'd like to get a jump start on the semester by cooking some food in bulk and freezing it, to help me stay vegan on a budget. Can you suggest something for me?

The things I tend to make and freeze are: black bean burgers, chickpea cutlets (oh yes), and tamales (not sure I'll get around to making those this time--that's a megaproject). I'm also planning to experiment with freezing the chickpea noodle soup from Veganomicon, before adding the soba. I'd like more freezable soup recipes (I'll be up in the cold, cold wilds), particularly a good chili, and some reliable muffins. And, can you freeze cooked rice or quinoa?

I also need quick and convenient preparations for vegetables. I already have a couple of different ways to eat sweet potatoes (miso + black sesame, dab of "butter" + lots of black pepper), I'm good with salted cabbage/carrot slaw, and I plan to try the raw marinated kale from this post.

I'll welcome anything and everything you can suggest! TIA.
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