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Veganizing a dinner party

My mom is hosting a dinner party next weekend for a benefit, and four vegans will be attending. All of the guests had to donate money to the charity to attend, so she wants to make sure that she cooks them a meal that they will be satisfied with. She is already going to cook a marinated portobello mushroom as one main dish, but any ideas on the other courses would be appreciated. I don't know how much "fake" cheese or meats she will be looking to get, but maybe some hearty vegetable dishes, especially the main course.

 menu for next Saturday:

prosecco and smoked salmon appetizers

asparagus-prochuttio-mozzarrella -cherry tomato salad with savingnon blanc

sweet potato chestnut soup with Chardonnay

(the soup is already vegan, although the other guests will get a dollop of creme fresh. is there a good vegan alternative for that?)

cedar planked salmon-garlic mashed potatoes-green beans with pinot noir

(portobello balsamic mushroom for this.)

London Broil with Venetian peppers and Cabernet

cheesecake  with port

Thanks for your help!
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