Sir Chauncey Mason School For Young Jerks (stormypinkness) wrote in vegancooking,
Sir Chauncey Mason School For Young Jerks

Vegan comfort cooking

I come in search of ideas.  Last week the best friend of a very good friend of mine committed suicide.  She is devastated and I just want to take care of her.  My main way to show my love to people is to cook for them, and in a situation like this where there are no words this is the best that I have.

She is vegan so I want to make her something delicious and conforting and vegan.  While I have cooked vegan dishes, I do not do it super frequently and so I don't have a reportoire.  What is a delicious, comforting vegan dish that you think could be used for this?

I sincerely thank anyone who has ideas in advance.
Tags: comfort food
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